BT Guard support called me an ***!!

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I purchased a program for downloaded torrents from BT Guard - they did not offer a free trial, but claimed if you were not satisfied you could request a refund at any time. I had issues with the program and tried on numerous occasions to get help from support, and never got a single response. Finally I cancelled. End of problem, right? WRONG Even though I canceled within a week's time, they continued to bill me automatic monthly charges. I contacted them again - no response (as was expected) I then filed a dispute with Paypal documenting my issues with them - and once again wrote BT Guard Support stating I wanted all the funds refunded and would end the dispute if they did so........ Their response to me? Get this:

BTGuard Support

1:02 PM (1 hour ago)

to me

By filing a dispute you will get a refund ***.



Review about: Bad Customer Treatment.



After this exchange - I had several other email vollies with the OWNER of BT Guard who continued to insult me, call me names and swear at me.

and to "The Resposible Adult in the R" NO, to date I have NOT received my refund.

So in regards to your comment?MY REFUND is what I want!!


Well it just lost them my business - thanks NautiN


Well it just lost them my business - thanks NautiN


I call ***.

Even if it did happen, so what? You got your refund; what more do you want?

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